In addition to comprehensive protection insurance solutions that combine investment with peace of mind and a solid financial foundation, there are outstanding incentives for businesses:



Valid from:
October 15, 2022 to December 31, 2022
* The program may end earlier than expected when the number of offers is exhausted

Subjects of application:

Corporate customers buy Manulife's life insurance through corporate life insurance in Quarter 4, 2022
* Except AUL, Annhien360, TROP, Fundlife, Credit Life

Forms of incentives:

Customers will have the option to apply one of the following two types of promotion:




Note: The annual premium is paid by the customer on a yearly basis (12 months) of the life insurance contract and does not include additional premium.

(*) Preferential rates are calculated on the total value of contracts issued in Q4.2022.

Learn more about the program details HERE 



Vung Tam Cong Hien  - Trusted financial partners accompany the business to provide the business with solutions to increase welfare policies for employees with reasonable and flexible costs.

SUPERLINK Investment Link Insurance - Accompanying the Business to sustainable development with protection benefits for the personnel of the Business up to 200%, incentives to refund up to 88% of the risk premium for employees.               

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