Millions reward when referring business

Receive up to 40 million VND every month for successful referrals

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Countless incentives for referred business

 Free lucky account number

Triple or quadruple lucky number, tax code, etc.

 Super preferential finance

Free domestic or international transfer fees, preferential foreign exchange rates and deposit interest rates.

  Super easy credit

Register online, no collateral.

 Super convenient transaction

Diverse types of domestic and international transactions.

100% online referral process

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the conditions for me to receive a bonus when successfully introducing a business with a revenue of less than 80 billion VND?

1. The referred business must be established within 6 months 

  • Receive 300,000 VND for each successful business account opening 

2. The referred businesses established more than 6 months 

- 1 million VND when each referred business opens account successfully, maintains a balance of at least 1 million VND and transfers domestic money 

- 2 million VND when each referred business opens account successfully and meet one of these following conditions: 

  • The referred businesses have oversea transfer transactions using their existing foreign currency (no value limit) 
  • The referred businesses purchase foreign currency at Techcombank with a minimum value of 10 million VND 

What are the conditions for me to receive a bonus when successfully introducing a business with a revenue of over 80 billion?

1. Receive a reward of 1 million VND
Step 1: Introduce the business directly on the Techcombank Mobile application 
Step 2: The referred business opens a business account at Techcombank and makes any valid transaction within 30 days from the time of introduction, no value limit

2. Receive an additional bonus of 4 million VND
Introduced businesses are granted a minimum credit limit of 30 billion by Techcombank

When will I receive a reward after successfully introducing a business?

Techcombank will pay the reward to you on the last day of the following month from the month the introduced business has a valid transaction.
For example: You introduce a Business on January 2, 2024, the Business opens an account on January 5, 2024, and on January 25, 2024, the Business generates a valid transaction --> TCB will Transfer the bonus payment to you on February 29, 2024

After introducing a business, where can I track bonus information?

Referrers can proactively check the updated reward list on the Techcombank website.

If more than one person introduces the same business, who gets paid the bonus?

Based on the time recorded by the system, Techcombank will reward the earliest successful introducer. The customer referral list is valid for 30 days.

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