Millions reward when referring FDI enterprises

Receive up to 10 million VND for each successful referral.​
The more you refer, the bigger the reward!​


3 steps to receive rewards from Techcombank​

Referrer’s information

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ID number/Passport *

Techcombank’s account number *

Phone number *

Email *

Referred business’s information

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Tax code *

Address *

Contact person’s name *

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Frequently asked question

Frequently asked question

What are the conditions for me to receive a reward of 1 million VND?

Step 1: Contact the nearest Techcombank branch to sign a contract with Techcombank.​

Step 2: Enter referral information here.​

Note: The Collaborator contract number is the personal identify number (for individuals) or tax code (for businesses or organizations) of the referring party.​

Step 3: The referred business opens a payment account at Techcombank and makes any valid transaction within 30 days from the time of introduction.

What is a valid transaction?

Valid transactions are transactions made within 30 days from the date of referring, including:​

- Payment transactions were successfully carried out at the counter and on e-banking channels for corporate, including F@st EBank and Techcombank Business:​

1. Transaction of Deposit or Cash withdrawal.​

2. Transfer transactions: Including batch transactions (batch transactions are considered as 1 transaction)/single transfer within and outside the Techcombank system.​

3. Online foreign money transfer transactions. The time of a successful transaction on the e-banking channel is the time when customer receives the money transfer confirmation (MT103).​

4. Bill payment transactions (electricity, water, new port), domestic tax, custom tax.​

5. Salary payment transactions.​

6. Cash transactions with a minimum value of 1 million VND.​

7. Transactions on buying and selling foreign currency, arising loan/LC/LG/TD products, card transactions.​

- No transaction value specified.​

- Transactions excluded from the valid list include automatic transactions such as automatic debt collection, automatic fee collection, etc.​

- Transactions created on a holiday will be considered as transactions made on the next working day.

When will I receive a reward after successfully referring new business?

If a business meets the conditions in month T, the referrer will receive a reward on the last day of month T+1.

How can I track compensation information after successfully referring new business?

The referrer will receive a referral acceptance notification from Techcombank email ( In addition, referrers can also actively check the updated reward list here.

If more than one person refers the same business, who will receive the reward?

Based on the time recorded by the system, Techcombank will reward the earliest successful referrer. The Referral Customer List is valid for 30 days.

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