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Vung Tam Cong Hien - A reliable financial partner accompanying Enterprise

Techcombank and its strategic partner Manulife are pleased to introduce the product Vung Tam Dedication - a reliable financial solution that accompanies businesses, providing the most effective employee welfare solutions!

What benefits does Vung Tam Cong Hien give you?

Rights for organizations and corporators

Rights for organizations and corporators

- Increase welfare policy through insurance solutions for employees
- Reasonable cost, flexible design according to business needs
- Easy management with separate contract accounts between employees and business owners
- Update the list flexibly, adjust the protection level, withdraw money for the insured members, depending on the needs of the business and employees
- Enjoy incentives on appraisal and contract issuance when participating under the group insurance mechanism

Benefits for Participating Members

Benefits for Participating Members

Cumulative benefits- creating a prosperous future
- Enjoy attractive investment interest rate: Enjoy real investment interest from Universal Linkage Fund, with guaranteed interest rate (per annum) of 3% for the first 5 years, 2% for the next 5 years and 1 % in the remaining years
- Special benefit when maintaining insurance: Keeping the accumulation rate stable with special benefits when maintaining insurance: 5% every 5 years on the Account Value, starting from the 5th policy year
- Advanced insurance plan: the total value of the Insured Amount(*) and the Member's Account Value
- Maturity benefit: Get Account Value of Member Contract

Benefits for Participating Members

Benefits for Participating Members

Protection benefits - Prepare for a stable financial background
- Death benefit
- Funeral allowance benefits
- Other attractive benefits:

+ Support to pay fees and receive account authorization from organizations and corporators

+ Join more complementary products

+ More investment through premium premium

+ Convert the policy part in the group insurance contract to the individual insurance contract according to regulations

+ Other benefits for the Insured as specified in the product terms as prescribed

The product information on this website is only a summary of the basic content of the product. All regulations, conditions and benefits of the product will be implemented in accordance with the Rules and Insurance Terms of the product. Please leave contact information for advice.

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