Batch Salary Payment FCY on F@st EBank


Batch Salary Payment FCY

  1. With the desire to become a pioneer bank in digitization & digitalization and serving a variety of transaction needs for Corporate Customers
  2. Techcombank proudly launches the feature of Batch Salary Payment FCY on the e-banking platform F@st EBank, supporting enterprises wishing to pay salaries for foreign experts and personnel.

Outstanding advantages

Save time and costs:

  • Discount up to 50% fee compared to transactions at the counter (*).

  • Transactions are completely performed & automatically processed on F@st EBank.

Simple, proactive and convenient:

  • Flexible foreign currency salary payments even for customers who do not have foreign currency current accounts at Techcombank.

  • Use available foreign currency or support buying foreign currencies on F@st EBank.

  • One-time document submission, no need to attach documents for each transaction.

  • Diversified support with 6 popular foreign currencies: USD, GBP, AUD, JPY, SGD, & EUR.

(*) Note:

- In order to encourage customers to experience the new service, batch payment transactions in foreign currencies within Vietnam are free of charge before February 1, 2021.

- The fee policy of Overseas Telegraphic Transfer is applicable to Batch Salary Payment FCY.

Registration procedure and User guidelines

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