Term deposit

Effective Solution for Idle Funds


Benefits for Business

Deposit amount and term of deposit

  • Minimum Deposit Amount: 10.000.000 VND; 1000 USD or 500 other currency units.

  • Flexible deposit terms, either weekly or monthly, different interest payment periods (beginning of period, periodic, end of period), automatically interest payment.

Interest rate

  • Competitive interest rate, the bigger the deposit, the higher the interest rate.

  • Customers can settle the contract before maturity

Deposit at all branches & transaction offices of Techcombank across the country.

Customers are allowed to pledge loans to guarantee/perform other duties at Techcombank or other credit Institutions

Product features

Currency: VND, foreign currencies




Minimum Deposit Amount and Deposit Term

Minimum Deposit Amount: VND 10,000,000; USD 1,000 or 500 other currency units.
Deposit Term: one week or longer

Interest rate: fixed during the deposit period

Interest payment: upfront, periodic and at maturity


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