Payment Service

Saving time - Reasonable costs - Mitigate Risks


Save time - Reasonable costs

A solution provided to corporate customers by TECHCOMBANK in payment as per a list at TECHCOMBANK's counter in cash or to the account of the beneficiary via Internet Banking (FEB)

Benefits for business

Save time and costs for business.

Optimize the cost management of business with a professional and automatic settlement process of Techcombank

Mitigate risks against cash counting and transportation.

Customer may easily update and track the payment on the account through TCB's F@st e-bank.

Secure, ensuring money is transferred to the right designated beneficiary.






Payment as per a list:
- Implementation channels: Cash/transfer at the counter; transfer via Internet Banking;
- Implementation process: Customer applies for the service at TECHCOMBANK;
- Bulk payment at the counter: Customer provides a list of beneficiaries to TECHCOMBANK's counter. TECHCOMBANK will make payment to the accounts of beneficiaries or make payment in cash as per the list at the counter;
- Bulk payment via Internet Banking: Customer uploads bulk payroll payment file to Internet Banking, approve the accounting entry. The system will debit the corporate account, and credit the accounts of beneficiaries;
Automatic payment: Techcombank will automatically debit Customer's current account to make money transfer to business partners/services providers for payment of goods/service bills as registered by Customer.
- Method of transfer: transfer a fixed amount
- Flexible transfer frequency: in a fixed date of month/daily
Cash payment at a place designated by Customer:
- Customer sign a Payment Contract with TECHCOMBANK.
- Customer submits the request for cash payment on demand.
- TECHCOMBANK transports cash to the designated place and make cash payment.


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