Program on financing electrical device
manufacturing and trading enterprises

Program on financing electrical device manufacturing and trading enterprises

  1. In order to support enterprises producing and trading electrical devices timely and effectively.
  2. Techcombank has developed the program "Financing electrical device production and trading enterprises" with remarkable benefits.

Benefits for Businesses


  • Finance capital up to 90% of the business plan
  • Accept various collateral: materials, means of transportation, claims, real estate,...
  • Reduce minimum deposit rate and collateral for import L/C to only 5%
  • Diversify collateralized commodities management methods, receive/release per order or self-managed inventories
  • Benefits increase proportionately to customers’ loyalty and good transaction history

Money management

  • Current accounts with various features: periodic remittance, automatic payment, electronic banking, fax transaction,...
  • Optimal B-Express term deposit: Customers can choose deposit interest rate, withdraw one or more deposit portions without contract settlement and going to transaction counters,...
  • The more cash in, the more benefits

Other benefits

  • Payroll account service: No card issuance fees, no annual fees, no salary payment fees. Simple procedures, quick turn-around-time for card issuance of 3-5 days
  • Card issuance for office staff and production workers: Credit limit up to VND 30 million, no issuance fees, no annual fees,...


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