Package financing for enterprises in paper sector

Financing paper enterprises

  1. Always pioneering in designing specialized products for each industry, type of business and customer segment in order to timely and comprehensively support enterprises
  2. Techcombank has launched a tailored financing package for paper enterprises with considerable benefits

Benefits for Businesses

  • An attractive and competitive collateral policy

  • Acceptance of 100% collateral being paper, applicable to new customers

  • Loan to Value of up to 90% for collateral being real estate

  • A policy to reward loyal customers

  • Simple loan procedures based on the receivables of reputable buyers (no debt confirmation, payment commitment and confirmation in the notification sent to buyers)

  • Special and package financing policy

  • Special financing policy in high season with Loan to Value ratio of up to 90%

  • Package service with professional warehouse system and associated Logistics Company

  • Cash-flow optimization policy

  • Minimum L/C deposit ratio from 3%

  • Up to 50% reduction of cash management fee

  • Benefits for the enterprise increase with the volume of cash inflow.


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