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Financing package for garment exporters

Financing package for garment exporters

  1. Always pioneering in designing specialized products suited for each industry, type of business and customer segment in order to timely and comprehensively support enterprises.
  2. Techcombank has designed a tailored program named “Financing Package for Garment Exporters” with more outstanding benefits.

Benefits for Businesses

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  • Loan-to-value (LTV) of up to 70% of export contract or export L/C
  • Accept diverse types of collateral: fabric, machines and equipment, vehicles, debt claim and real estate ….
  • Reduce the deposit ratio of import L/C to as low as 5%
  • Diversify the management method of collateral, goods by import-export-order or self-managed inventory
  • Offer higher benefits based on customer’s tenure and transaction history
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Trade finance

  • Preferential discount rate for negotiable documents: L/C of up to 100%, D/P of up to 98% and D/A of up to 90%.
  • Flexible discount period of up to 60 days for documents against payment (D/P) and 180 days for documents against acceptance (D/A)

  • Minimum deposit ratio for issuing L/C: 5%

  • Foreign currency trading policy with preferential price for customers using package service

  • Diverse foreign exchange hedging instruments for customer

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Cash management

  • Current account with various conveniences: periodic money remittance service, automatic payment service, internet banking service and fax-basesd transaction service…
  • Optimal B-Express deposit: customer can select deposit interest rate and can make multiple partial withdrawals without having to terminate the deposit contract and come to the branch.

  • Benefits for the enterprise increases with the volume of cash inflow.


Other benefits

  • Payroll service: card issuance and annual fee waiver and salary payment fee waiver. Simple procedure and quick issuance of card within 3-5 days.
  • Issuance of unsecured credit cards for employees and workers: credit limit of up to VND 30 million, card issuance and annual fee waiver.


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