Financing EVN contractors

Financing EVN contractors

1. As a leader in product specialization by industry, business area, and customer segment to support enterprises timely and effectively.

2. Techcombank has tailored an exclusive program for EVN contractors with remarkable benefits.

Benefits for Businesses

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  • Superior credit policy
  • Commit to accompany with enterprises from bid attendance to project completion
  • Simple loan applications
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  • A comprehensive credit solution package instead of secured loans as usual
  • Finance up to 100% of Customer's capital needs
  • Finance with insufficient collateral up to 70% of Customer's credit needs (guarantee, lending, letter of credit...)
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  • Accept Letter of Guarantee under Investor's format
  • Loan to value ratio for real estate collateral up to 100%
  • Served by best staff and business units
  • Policy to optimize cash flow. Competitive prices and fees.
  • Minimum guarantee deposit only from 0%
  • The more cash in, the more benefits


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