Techcombank | 2021 Annual Report


Employee value proposition

To have the best workforce, we offer an attractive EVP which enables employees to embrace the spirit of ‘Dare to Be A Greater You’ in their career journey at Techcombank.

Launch of HRConnect

The new HRConnect platform digitalises the employee journey by providing essential employee offerings via a more intuitive, user-friendly and modern interface.

The HRConnect platform has three sub- systems:

  • Core HR
  • The learning management system (LMS) went live in 2021 and payroll will in 2022.
HR and LMS system implementation duration

8 months

Job Architecture

We are implementing a new Job Architecture framework, which involves defining dual career tracks, career levels with required level of competencies and skills so that the level of skill required to complete similar work and hold comparable positions across divisions is better understood.

Compensation and benefits

To recruit and retain staff we must continue to offer competitive remuneration.

Role-based learning roadmap

Two initiatives in 2021 (HRB5 and WBS1) enabled us to complete 100% of our planned 104 role-based learning roadmaps, which use a competency framework and capability assessment approach.

Leadership development programs

We established customised leadership development programs built on a five-level competency framework – Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Managers, Leading Business and Leading Enterprises.

In 2022 we will offer training programs aimed at more senior level roles:

  • TechcomLeader for Leading Managers
  • Future Leaders Program for Leading Business
  • TechcomHero for Leading Enterprises

Recruitment Activities

We have maintained our focus on recruitment for IT, data and frontline roles.

Strong 2021 EES results

This shows we are headed in the right direction; building a strong culture with capable and highly engaged people who share the same values and are doing the right thing, everyday, by our customers.

The focus for HR Division in 2022

Strong 2021 EES results



of recorded employees in the end of 2021


hours of online coaching


of highest scoring companies in southeast Asia for Employee Effectiveness


of respondents “feel proud to work for Techcombank”