Techcombank | 2021 Annual Report


Credit and liquidity support during COVID-19

As a result, net credit provided to BB customers in 2021 was VND 12.3 trillion, bringing total outstanding customer credit to VND 64.1 trillion, 23.7% higher than 2020.

Simplified banking services

We accelerated our investment in fast-tracking digital transformation, rolling-out various offerings to ensure business continuity, and improving productivity for our customers. These included digital signature authorisation and corporate mobile banking.

Product bundling

In response to the economic environment, we refreshed and enhanced our BusinessOne digital bundle – a first-of-its-kind offering for SMEs and corporates. We also continued to enhance our sector and industry-led business programs and embarked on pursuing end- to-end digitalisation of customer journeys for our non- credit and credit clients.


29.5% YoY

NFI and FX income

54.2% YoY

Customer deposits

21.9% YoY

Online BB customers

24.9% YoY

E-banking transaction value

58.3% YoY

Number of customers with remittance transactions Foreigners (OTT) make transactions via F@st EBank

88.3% YoY

The focus for BB in 2022

  • Continue to create compelling propositions for corporate OMNI channels
  • Redefine customer focus for business banking across all channels
  • Drive digital growth for business banking in a ‘new normal’ environment
  • Enhance our credit model and solutions, especially for export-led sectors
  • Provide our staff with more sales tools for a seamless BB customer experience.