Techcombank | 2021 Annual Report


In 2021, we focused on three specific areas to optimise our use of data:


Building a hybrid data lake on the cloud with AWS


Using data and analytics capabilities in the development of improved propensity models to predict customer behaviour and improve lead generation and conversion rates


Revamping data governance to implement new policies and standards and identify target-state architecture and technologies.

Enterprise data lake

By the end of 2021, more than 60% of critical business systems had already been integrated into the data lake, helping us improve our lending proposition and digital capabilities.

Data and analytics

Data and analytics have been employed in developing propensity models for better prediction of customer behaviours, leading to improved lead generation and conversion ratios. Based on analytics, customers are offered tailored-made products and services. In addition, the application of machine learning has improved our ability to utilise large amounts of data in decisioning.

More integrated


critical data migrated to cloud- based data lake

2,000 +

data elements

Data governance

We completely revamped our data governance and standards using a business-backed strategy

VND 400 Billion

Increased revenue from data-driven initiatives


The key system has been put on the system cloud

The focus for Data and Analytics Division in 2022

  • Continue working to improve customer data collection and its use for decision-making, to create a ‘single view’ of each customer within the Bank and improve their banking experience.
  • To source critical internal data systems and integrate broader external data sources to strengthen our modellizng, with a focus on customer relationship management, digital marketing, loyalty and finance projects.