Techcombank | 2021 Annual Report


Digital Office

New Techcombank Mobile

In 2021, we witnessed a robust revolution in our digital- first transformation. Powered by Backbase, the world’s leading digital platform provider, we officially launched our new digital banking application – Techcombank Mobile – with advanced technology, strengthened security and a user-friendly interface.

Leading digital transactions

In 2021, we have

Number of Retail E-banking customers
(Million, EoP)
Retail E-banking transaction volume
Retail E-banking transaction value
(VND Trillion)
Share of retail transactions by channel


494.6 Million transactions


773.5 Million transactions

  • Ebanking
  • Branch
  • POS
  • ATM

Corporate digital banking platform pilot

We piloted a digital platform for SMEs.




Driving CASA growth despite the pandemic

Our progressive digital approach meant we could immediately use our eKYC (authentication) solution to launch 100% end-to-end digital journeys, continuing to acquire new customers and current accounts.

Techcombank partnered with One Mount Group – one of the largest digital ecosystems in Vietnam – to focus on attracting new customers from the VinID app and its ecosystem.

In 2021, over 462,000 accounts came via digital channels, contributing 39.0% of total new accounts.

Digitalising credit cards

Although the credit card market is witnessing fierce competition, Techcombank has issued about 68,000 new credit cards in the past 12 months digitally, contributing 29.0% to the total number of credit cards the Bank has issued.


New Credit Cards digitally issued

29.0% of total cards issued

Digital saving and investment

We continue to regularly help customers identify opportunities and maximise their wealth with nudges about savings and investments, so they can achieve their financial goals with ease.


Online TD customers

accounted for 74.4% of total savings customers



Online TD accounts (EOP)


of total TD customers


customers deposit money online online
Transaction No


reached 652 million VND

The focus for Digital Office in 2022

  • Offering a fast, seamless and secure digital platform for onboarding new customers and covering everyday banking needs
  • Creating a more comprehensive and integrated payment experience
  • Delivering an integrated investment experience
  • Enhancing the financial transaction and self-service experience.

Applying information technology (IT) in all activities of Tech (IT)


In September 2021, we announced a five-year cloud technology investment. It was designed to:

  • 1. Support the Bank’s strategy of operating a lean infrastructure to get high yield on assets
  • 2.Build our capabilities to manage, monitor and support cloud assets used


planned applications to the cloud


consistent uptime for IT services


Over 1,000 technology and data participants have been upskilled via AWS training classes


more than 60 AWS certifications granted to our people


Workplace transformation – Deployment of Office 365

Our support this new hybrid workplace, we rolled out MS Office 365, using cloud services to scale-up, manage and measure distributed employee experiences, and ensure ongoing productivity right from onboarding.

Workplace transformation – driving the DevSecOps initiative

Our IT Division believes that DevSecOps is an integral part of agile working because it extends business responsiveness and reduces friction between different teams involved in value creation.

Continued capability building – delivery centre and specialised training

We currently have ISO/IEC 27000:2013 certification on Information Security Management for Core Banking and Internet Banking Services (valid from 29 October 2021 until 28 October 2024 and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification version 3.2.1 at Level 1 (the highest compliance level).

To encourage Bank-wide participation, in early 2022, we will officially introduce our new Techcombank Security Reward Program. The program offers monetary recognition to employees who identify and report security risks, with rewards based on potential severity. IT’s success in 2021 saw us receive:

  • 1st prize in the DF Cyber Defence competition organised by the National Cyber Security Centre (December 2020, 30 participating teams)
  • 3rd prize in the Information Technology Department’s Information security to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the banking industry competition (Febuary 2021, 40 participating teams)

Other achievements and initiatives in 2021 Risk management

IT has increased its ability to self-identify risk and, as a result, risks recorded by other parties have decreased. Change management.

In 2021 we enhanced the Design Approval Board (DAB) mechanism to ensure our design solutions are based on architectural standards, guidelines and best-practice in solution and integration architecture; and that processes are aligned and harmonised across the Bank’s target enterprise architecture landscape. As a result:

  • All project designs and BAU work in excess of 80 hours (from detailed analysis to deployment) must go to DAB once materials have been carefully reviewed by enterprise architects.
  • High-level and detailed designs need to be approved in alignment with a project plan.

We also enhanced our Change Approval Board (CAB) mechanism, which now enables us to:

  • Build and publish a visual dashboard of changes by business units and divisions, and the resulting incidents and success rates, to provide a comprehensive view of risk and its impact on current services and systems (this is synched with implementation plans for strategic BAU initiatives, IT projects and other IT system improvement activities, the project risk dashboard and IT’s operational risk dashboard).
  • Record actual implementation results, identifying root causes and proposed solutions for each issue/ incident that is caused by change.
  • Document lessons learned, creating a comprehensive IT knowledge base about change.