Techcombank | 2021 Annual Report


Total WB deposits at the end of 2021 were VND 46.5 trillion, +8.9% YoY. The average CASA balance increased 67.8% YoY, while the CASA ratio remained high at 55.3%.


72.5% YoY

VND 10.3 trillion


77.2% YoY

VND 9.1 trillion


44.1% YoY

VND 1.2 trillion

Total outstanding credit to WB customers

14.3% YoY

VND 184.3 trillion

Average credit

34.3% YoY

178.6 trillion

NPL ratio of WB customers


Improving customer services and insight

Our NPS score improve from 55 in Q3 2021 to 75 in Q4, and we also won the award for Best Wholesale Bank in Vietnam. Trust in our services led to us being selected as the Mandate Lead Arranger for Petro Vietnam Power's USD 1.3 billion LNG project (PV Power).

Enhancing customer experiences

WB completed a comprehensive competency framework for upskilling the RM salesforce.

Diversifying core sectors

WB continued to prioritise four core sectors: real estate and construction, materials (ReCoM); fast moving consumer goods (FMCG); utilities and telcos; and financial services. We have dedicated teams of RMs and specialists to focus intensively on segmenting markets, building knowledge, and understanding trends and opportunities for each sector.

Other initiatives and achievements in 2021

We have designed a reference price framework based on the market situation, in order to increase transparency and competition.

Total operating income

59.1% YoY

VND 13.4 trillion


average number of products per customer
Total value of money transfer via digital channel

70.4% YoY

  • Expand our value chain capabilities including credit origination, distribution, transaction banking, investment products in priority sectors.
  • Upgrade our investment and liquidity management products to serve customer needs and digitalise the credit process to attract new credit customers.
  • Onboard WB customers on the new Corporate lending platform (BCDE), using more, and better data to continually improve the accuracy and efficiency of the credit decision framework, thus improving overall customer experience and satisfaction.