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Chapter 4

The Transformation of Tech

Data and Analytics (DnA)

DnA is working hard to ensure Techcombank really knows and even ‘thinks’ like our customers – we want to understand what products they prefer and why, what features they love or underuse, what they struggle with financially, what services they might benefit from and everything in between.

TOI impact from new DnA models

Icon Up VND 500+ billion

The focus of DnA for 2023

We will:

  • Enable transformation by focusing on customer-centric strategic initiatives that get the most from our data and analytics capabilities
  • Strengthen governance and data compliance to enhance data maturity Bank-wide
  • Develop new ecosystems and partnerships to create and embrace new opportunities and increase the revenue generated by customers.

Digital Office (DO)

Digitally-enabled scalability and new operating models – Boosting customer satisfaction and employee engagement.


Bringing digital engagement and user experience to the next level


Enabling efficiency and creating operational advantage


Further promoting agility in a digital corporate culture

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In 2022, IT Division continued to modernise the Bank’s systems to support more efficient operations and drive improvements to our customers’ digital experiences.

Our customers trust the Techcombank brand and remain at the forefront of our IT investment strategy. We sought innovative ways to deliver simple, intuitive and secure banking. Our focus was on:

execution excellence and transformation

Compliance and Risk management

creating customer value

IT /en/investors/annual-report/2022/talent

Talent (HR)

Talent is one of the three key pillars in Techcombank’s five-year strategy.

In 2022 we continued to attract, develop and retain the best /en/investors/annual-report/2022/talent from within Vietnam and internationally.

Our targeted and effective recruitment approach saw thousands of talented people join our ranks in 2022, all keen to contribute and be part of a great working environment where:

They are empowered and rewarded

There are opportunities for staff development

Remuneration is competitive



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