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Techcombank is one of the largest joint stock banks in Vietnam, and a leading bank in Asia, with a vision to “Change banking, Change lives”.

For nearly 30 years we have aspired to “Be Greater” and have been an enabler of growth, achievement, and human potential in Vietnam. We pursue a proven customer-centric strategy in providing a broad range of solutions and services to over 10.8 million retail and corporate customers.


Card payment volumn in the country
Digital Banking


transactions conducted digitally



USD 1.0 billion

syndicated loans from 26 international lenders
Business Highlight

Professionals in the financial market

10.8 million customers

at 31 December 2022


40,902 billion

2022 TOI 2016-22 TOI CAGR: 23.5%


25,568 billion

2022 PBT 2016-22 PBT CAGR: 43.6%


699,033 billion

Total Assets at 31 December 2022


Vector VND 439,6 billion


Vector VND 568,8 billion


Vector VND 699,033 billion
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Techcombank’s talented team of more than 12,300 people continued to deliver our customer-centric strategy that puts our customers at the heart of everything that the Bank does.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ho Hung Anh

Ho Hung Anh
Award digital

Highlighted awards and certification in 2022

We believe that today’s achievements are just the stepping stone to higher accomplishments tomorrow, as we aspire to always “Be Greater”.

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Techcom Securities – TCBS Line

In 2022, we continued to move forward with our five-year strategy for Techcom Securities, with the aim of becoming Vietnam’s orchestrator of capital flows and achieving our 5@5@5@5=2025 ambitions. We pioneered the use of blockchain and smart contracts in bond issuance and to manage bondholder’s ownership and transactions.

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Flow of capital

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