Chapter 1

A message from Our Chairman

“Techcombank’s talented team of more than 12,300 people continued to deliver our customer-centric strategy that puts our customers at the heart of everything that the Bank does.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ho Hung Anh


Dear Valued Shareholders, Customers, Partners and Techcomers,

In 2022, Vietnam’s economy bounced back from the worst of COVID-19.
We attracted over

1.2 million customers

bringing our overall total customers to more than 10.8 million
Profit before tax

VND 25.6 trillion

Strong economic fundamentals and favourable macro trends, saw Vietnam’s economy record GDP growth of 8.0% in 2022, up from 2.6% in 2021. The banking sector played an important role in stimulating this recovery and Techcombank is proud and humbled to have been at the forefront of these efforts. Techcombank turned 29 in 2022. As one of Vietnam’s leading banks, we have always worked hard to empower Vietnamese people to “Be Greater”. We remain committed to leading the transformation of the Vietnamese banking industry and are on track to become a top 10 ASEAN bank by 2025.

The Bank's talented team of more than 12,300 is key to our success. They drive our customer-centric strategy that puts our customers at the heart of everything Techcombank does.

The Bank continued to join hands with the community, supporting social initiatives across the country with donations of nearly VND 80 billion. This included the honour of supporting the fifth Ho Chi Minh International Marathon and partnering with local organisations to initiate the first in Hanoi.

In 2022, we stayed on-track to achieve the early objectives of our five-year transformation strategy. Our deposits (including CD Bao Loc) grew faster than the market at 12.8% YoY, while profit before tax was VND 25.6 trillion, growing 10%, and our return on assets (ROA) remained the industry’s highest.

We launched new branded tiers tailored to specific customer segments, including Techcombank Private, while new ecosystem partnerships helped make everyday banking easier and more convenient. Enhancements to our mobile banking platforms and new digital offerings saw retail customers’ e-banking transactions grow to 844.8 million, up c.30% YoY. We welcomed 1.2 million new customers to the Bank, bringing our overall total to more than 10.8 million.

We continued to invest in best-in-class IT infrastructure and extend our ‘Cloud First’ strategy to build a strong ‘data brain’ foundation for the Bank. These initiatives strengthen our ability to understand customers and enhance our payment and unsecured lending capabilities, particularly for high net worth customers and micro, small and medium enterprises.

Warmest regards, sign

Ho Hung Anh

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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