Chapter 5 - The Foundation of Tech


“This year we significantly enhanced our ESG framework, including a materiality assessment and multiple strategic initiatives to support the Bank’s sustainable development.”


Chief Corporate Strategy and
Transformation Officer

Prasenjit Chakravarti

Chief Marketing Officer

Thai Minh Diem Tu

Chief Operations Officer

Chu Hong Ngoc

ESG framework at Techcombank

Techcombank’s commitment to sustainable development is embedded in our mission:

Leading the digital journey of the financial industry, creating motivation for individuals, businesses and organisations to develop sustainably and successfully break through.

The Bank aims to maintain market leading capital, liquidity and prudent leverage ratios via sustainable and socially responsible business growth. Our enterprise-wide risk management framework provides built-in safeguards to keep us on track.

ESG governance




  • Define the Bank’s ESG governance and agenda
  • Oversee the progress and advancement of Sustainability / ESG aspects
  • Execute the Bank’s ESG agenda
  • Manage and monitor Sustainability / ESG performance
  • Human Resources: carry out Human Capital strategy and initiatives
  • Corporate Affairs: carry out the ESG workstream in terms of Compliance, Ethics, Bribery and Corruption matters
  • IT and Data: carry out the ESG workstream in term of Data and privacy, Digital transformation
  • Operations: manage resource consumption and usage including environmental impact from the Bank’s activities
  • Marketing and Investor Relations: contribute in developing ESG disclosure report
  • Risk management: manage Risk strategy and progress including ESG issues and E&S risk management in credit process

2022 Highlight

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions/ Transition to Net Zero

In 2022, the Bank operated two high-class office buildings that meet international Grade A standards for construction quality and management.

The Techcombank towers can save up to 26% and 28% in energy consumption (MWh/year) respectively, compared to the baseline level under Ashrae 90.1-2010 standards

Financing environmental impacts

Sector and project classification for assessment and appraisal

Techcombank has followed environmental and social risk management policy, developed according to the standards of the IFC, since 2010. It guides business units to identify, assess, screen and classify E&S risks, according to international credit standards.

CSR – Relationships with local communities

The Inaugural Techcombank Hanoi Marathon and 5th Techcombank Ho Chi Minh International Marathon

For 29 years Techcombank has aspired to “Be Greater” by enabling growth, achievement and the reaching of human potential. For the last five years we have run the Techcombank HCMC marathon to further our “Be Greater” spirit and inspire healthier lifestyles. We believe running together in a marathon can be enjoyed by many people – regardless of age, gender, nationality, or profession.

This year, for the first time, we expanded our support to create the Techcombank Hanoi Marathon. On 25 September, over 7,000 athletes from 38 countries came together to compete in Hanoi.

Techcombank donated nearly


to many different provinces, cities and units

Diversity and inclusion

Female employees


equivalent to 68.6% total employees
Female employees at
leadership level


equivalent to 54.6% of leaders
Number of expatriates


Ensuring transparency with further investor engagement

In 2022, Techcombank’s Investor Relations function made great inroads in investor engagement, helping ensure the highest standards of transparency:

  • Our successful Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 23 April 2022
  • We conducted four quarterly earnings calls for institutional investors/analysts and four presentations for retail investors
  • Our Investor Relations team held over 100 meetings with investors and attended 11 conferences with analysts all over the world
  • We talked with 61 investors online and welcomed 49 to Head Office.
The focus of ESG for 2023

In 2023, Techcombank will further strengthen our ESG management with priorities set based on the materiality assessment done in 2022. Key workstreams include:

  • Providing E&S training for 100% of our staff, relevant to their professional and management positions, to raise their awareness and capability in this area
  • Collaborating with consulting partners to implement comprehensive E&S risk management that addresses challenges and changes in international standards
  • Improving current policy, guidelines and tools to enhance E&S risk assessment – fully adopting the SBV’s requirements, and international standards
    • Setting clear roles and responsibilities for the BOD and CEO in managing and monitoring overarching E&S risk
    • Assigning a dedicated sub-committee/ dedicated BOD member for this area
    • Establishing an E&S unit to drive the development of ESG
  • Seeking emerging opportunities in the green capital market; including mobilising green capital and providing green bonds/loans for eligible projects like renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transportation and green buildings
  • Continuing to uphold Techcombank’s vision – supporting the Vietnamese people and communities through the Hanoi and HCMC marathons and other social activities to spread ever wider our message of physical fitness, self-development and human potential more broadly
  • Adding new resources to investor relations – enhancing investor relations online and offline, and adding more resources dedicated to retail investors.

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