Chapter 4 - The Transformation of Tech

Data and Analytics

“Using world-class technologies, we built a robust Bank-wide ‘data brain’ providing critical foundational support to our operations, performance tracking and governance.”

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Santhosh Mahendiran


Building a strong ‘data brain’ foundation for the entire Bank.

DnA is working hard to ensure Techcombank really knows and even ‘thinks’ like our customers – we want to understand what products they prefer and why, what features they love or underuse, what they struggle with financially, what services they might benefit from and everything in between.

We are creating a ‘data brain’ to make this happen. Work has started to collect everything we know about each customer – from the Bank’s multiple systems and the channels of our ecosystems – and store this information on a single holistic customer data platform (CDP).

TOI impact from new DnA models

Icon Up VND 500+ billion

2022 Highlight

Proactive and predictive

Building on work we did on the data lake in 2021, our first ‘data brain’ steps were to develop and apply customer-centric analytics.

  • Customer-centric propensity models were developed for several products. VND 317 billion in additional TOI.
  • A model for new-to-bank customers which helped us classify them into the correct tier, additional VND 202 billion in TOI.
  • Churn model for corporate customers supported the Bank in retaining valued customers, to a TOI uplift of VND 5.8 VND billion.
  • Customer insights around 41,500 customers via the WINLife program.

More transparent and better tracking of business performance

During an eventful year for the Vietnamese economy, we employed data to transparently and effectively track business performance. We were able to dig deep into several layers of customer data, with interactive dashboards tracking daily activities across the Bank and providing real-time feedback.

    A strengthened and scaled up data governance framework

    In 2022, we focused on strengthening our data governance, documenting our processes and putting binding policies and standards in place.

      2022 Highlight

      World-class technology

      We are proud of our work on the ‘data brain’:

      World-class technology
      • Support for real and near-real time interaction using Kappa streaming architecture
      • Automated data propagation, improving our access to information
      • Data veracity and data quality management
      • An automated data governance centre enabled by Collibra – the first such centre in Vietnam
      • Data access management and data protection via a masking tool
      • A machine learning platform with SageMaker
      • Interactive visualisation of reports via PowerBI.

      Data culture and a /en/investors/annual-report/2022/talent pipeline for the ‘data brain’

      The ‘data brain’ is being orchestrated and built by leading experts with international experience, alongside our own homegrown /en/investors/annual-report/2022/talent.

      Collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on training programs to enable our DnA professionals. 8,750 hours of training were undertaken, equivalent to 44+ hours per staff member

      The focus of DnA for 2023

      We will:

      • Enable transformation by focusing on customer-centric strategic initiatives that get the most from our data and analytics capabilities
      • Strengthen governance and data compliance to enhance data maturity Bank-wide
      • Develop new ecosystems and partnerships to create and embrace new opportunities and increase the revenue generated by customers.

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