Chapter 4 - The Transformation of Tech

Digital Office

“Digitally-enabled scalable and rapid business growth created winning customer experiences and transformed internal operating models to enable nimbleness and promote customer-centricity.”

Chief Digital Officer

Pranav Seth



Digitally-enabled scalability and new operating models – Boosting customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

In 2022, Digital Office (DO), together with all key business divisions in Techcombank, saw turbocharged franchise and partnership-led growth. Online marketing methods, processes and practices continued to power retail banking – adding approximately 55% of the Bank’s new customers.

  • There was a c.37% increase in new-to-bank accounts.
  • We saw a six-fold increase in the number of high net worth customers we serve.
  • We continued to be one of the leaders in market transaction volumes, with retail e-banking, growing by 29.6% YoY. Transaction value increased by 15.7% while for Business Banking customers, the number of transactions grew 19.2% YoY, with value rising by 27.5%.

2022 Highlight

In 2022 we focused our attention on three main pillars:


Bringing digital engagement and user experience to the next level


Enabling efficiency and creating operational advantage


Further promoting agility in a digital corporate culture

(1) Digital engagement and user experience

Continuously enhancing our retail mobile app, helping customers achieve more from their finances, increasing customer satisfaction

Our new Techcombank Mobile app was rolled out to all retail customers. Their positive reviews earned us a 4.7/5 rating on the App Store, helping to drive us to No. 1 Net Promoter Score among Vietnamese banks in 2022.

  • We have seen an increase of 33% for average term deposit balances.
  • 57% of TCBS’ new customers in 2022 were onboarded via Techcombank Mobile.
(1) Digital engagement and user experience

New customer experiences – Mèo Đại Cát ‘in app’ lucky draw

Over two million customers took part, with over 17 million tickets redeemed.

The app’s daily log-in rate during the program grew by more than 20%. The social media buzz generated meant that, in November 2022, Techcombank had the second highest online presence of all Vietnamese banks.

Centralised payment management

We continued our innovation journey by enabling pay-by-push (one-touch payment via mobile phone) in our T-Pay suite of collection solutions.

T-Pay solutions drove more than 17% of Techcombank’s in-store payments.

Simple and intelligent banking with personalised insights

We continued our commitment to bring customers the best personalised banking services, with global leading fintech and martech ecosystem players like Adobe and Personetics.

67% logging in more often and customers also spending an average 20 seconds longer per login. With personalised nudges, the click-through rate reached 10-13% and thousands of customers were encouraged to start saving and investing. The Bank recorded significant sales growth across products – with one product recording a 36.8% increase.

New digital offering for Business Banking (BB) segment with modern, fully transactional app

Use of the mobile platform and our desktop computer-based F@st Ebank (FEB) combined, accounted for 78% of all business transactions in 2022.

(2) Efficiency and operational advantage

‘Digital only’ approach to designing services and end-to-end digital sales processes

We added 200+ new features to our retail app in 2022, which means nearly 90% of retail transactions can be done digitally.

(2) Efficiency and operational advantage

(3) Agile and digital corporate culture

Building a solid foundation for future growth with agility, experimentation and modern ways of working

With 600 team members working on our retail and corporate digital platforms, we released new features almost every week.

#1 Martech Centre of Excellence in Vietnam

with #1 Global partner for personalisation and customer engagement

Awards and recognition

  • Best Digital Consumer Bank 2022 – Global Finance
  • Best User Experience Design in the 2022 GOOD DESIGN® award - The Chicago Athenaeum
  • Most Outstanding Digital Products, Services & Offerings of the Year – Vietnam Digital Awards 2022
  • Digital Transformation of the Business through Innovative Technology – Asia IoT Business Platform (AIBP) ASEAN Enterprise Innovation Award
  • Silver trophy for ‘Lead Generation’ in the Marketing Impact category for CASA 2021 campaign at Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Smarties, Vietnam 2022 – MMA Global
  • #1 ‘Most Innovative New Mobile Banking App 2022’ – Global Business Outlook
  • Bank with Innovative Products award – Vietnam Retail Banking Forum, co-organised by Vietnam Banking Association (VNBA) and IDG Corp.

The focus of DO for 2023

In 2023, we will:

  • Increase omnichannel engagement with customers and hyper-personalisation of experiences in real-time, using Adobe’s Martech stack
  • Create, with our partners, more joyful and delightful ways to reward customers through fun, gamified and personalised rewards programs.
  • Digitally enable businesses to open and access more credit products digitally and conveniently.
  • Become the most trusted digital partner for retail customers by providing a hyper-personalised, simple, yet comprehensive digital banking experience for all.

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