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Risk management

Risk Management Division (RMD) operates with an optimal balance of independence and internal business support to help Techcombank achieve its strategic objectives. With accelerated investments, we have been able to:

Address market volatility and uncertainty Ensure sustainable and safe banking practices Facilitate business transformation Maintain market leadership
TOI impact from new DnA models

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Risk Management

Corporate culture

Corporate culture defines who we are

We think of our corporate culture as the Bank’s personality. It tells people who we are and what we stand for. At Techcombank we uphold five core values which are the foundation for our business decisions, our interactions with colleagues and our service to customers.

They enable us to deliver on our brand promise – to always “Be Greater”.

Create sustainable development

Create a competitive advantage

Attract /en/investors/annual-report/2022/talent, and retain employees

Create our organisation’s own identity

Have a strong corporate culture, which can contribute to the Bank’s performance


ESG framework at Techcombank - Techcombank’s commitment to sustainable development is embedded in our mission:

Leading the digital journey of the financial industry, creating motivation for individuals, businesses and organisations to develop sustainably and successfully break through.




  • Define the Bank’s ESG governance and agenda
  • Oversee the progress and advancement of Sustainability / ESG aspects
  • Execute the Bank’s ESG agenda
  • Manage and monitor Sustainability / ESG performance
  • Human Resources: carry out Human Capital strategy and initiatives
  • Corporate Affairs: carry out the ESG workstream in terms of Compliance, Ethics, Bribery and Corruption matters
  • IT and Data: carry out the ESG workstream in term of Data and privacy, Digital transformation
  • Operations: manage resource consumption and usage including environmental impact from the Bank’s activities
  • Marketing and Investor Relations: contribute in developing ESG disclosure report
  • Risk management: manage Risk strategy and progress including ESG issues and E&S risk management in credit process

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