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To steal identity, take over bank account & appropriate customers' money, scammers commonly perform these following scenarios:


Scam trick 1: Standardized SIM card scam


Step 1: 

Impersonating a Telco staff & threatening to lock SIM card


Step 2: 

Asking the user to provide personal information, follow the instructions.


Scam trick 2: Counterfeit mobile app


Step 1: 

Impersonating a state agency/bank staff & instructs customer to install fake mobile apps


Step 2: 

Taking control of the phone SIM & unauthorized access to device's data


Scam trick 3: Faking payment confirmation


Step 1:

Making a purchase & request to pay via bank transfer


Step 2: 

Forging transaction receipts by fake mobile banking app to scam the seller


To prevent losses and protect yourself from scam, we advise you to follow the Guidelines for prevention of financial scams 

Please contact Techcombank via the following channels for immediate support if you detect any sign of scam:

  • Techcombank's nationwide branches
  • Customer Service Center (hotline 24/7): 1800588822 (domestic) or (+84) 2439446699 (international)
  • Email: