To protect customer's personal information and account security, Techcombank recommends that customers:



 Only use Techcombank's products and services introduced through official channels such as:


Always be wary of requests from unknown call/SMS/email, especially requests to transfer money or install/activate/upgrade services.

Check the authenticity of the requests by directly contacting the official channels of Telco, banks, state agencies.

Always check the origin and authenticity of service-providing websites/apps before using, especially websites/apps that require linking with bank accounts to perform transactions.


 DO NOT follow instructions from unknown phone numbers, DO NOT make transactions on strange website links received by phone, text, email, etc. until you have verified the correct information. (Especially for websites with uncommon domain names such as .info, .asia, .vip, .tk, .xyz……

 DO NOT share personal information, click on hyperlinks received via text messages, emails, etc. without verifying the information and contact object

 DO NOT provide sensitive information such as identification number, activation /OTP authentication code, CVV, PIN, card number to anyone, through any contact channel even if person claims to be the bank staff.

 DO NOT install unknown apps on the internet, especially apps that have the right to access data on the installed device


(*) Customers can check whether SMS brand-name is from Techcombank by following 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Copy the SMS brand-name is suspected to be fake
  • Step 2: Send the copied SMS to the mobile network service provider (NSP) to check. 9548 (Viettel); 9241 (Mobifone); or 1551 (Vinaphone). Note that the system supports within 07 days from the time of SMS receipt
  • Step 3: See the NSP’s response


In case of detecting or suspecting fraud, please notify Techcombank: 

  • Call hotline 24/7: 1800 588 822 (local) hoặc 84-24-39446699 (international); or go to the nearest branches to lock your e-banking account in time when it is suspected that a thief has stolen information. 
  • Mailbox:

In addition, we recommend that you report to the nearest police station or follow the instructions in the "Instructions on denunciation of crimes" section of the Ministry of Public Security's website ( or