In order to increase convenience, ensure safety and optimize costs for enterprises in the general situation of society, Techcombank implements the feature "Notice balance fluctuations" completely free via TCB OTP application replacing traditional SMS messages (with fees) from October 4, 2021 with tons of utilities:


1. Safety and convenience

  • Maximum information security
  • Update your balance anytime, anywhere
  • Easy, flexible financial control and tracking


2. Saving time and costs

  • Don't have to go to E-Bank to list transactions
  • Save on operating costs
  • Optimization of financial performance


What is superior about TCB OTP?

Servi cedetails

Balance notification via TCB OTP application

SMS balance notification

Service fee​


Monthly Fee

How to get balance notifications while abroad

Receive notification when the mobile device is connected to Wifi/3G/4G/5G

Roaming service needs to be registered for the number of subscribers registered with the bank

Account Balance Inquiry

Convenient and quick to track timelines

Time-consuming search due to no manager

Sign up

Register online now on the F@st EBank app

Register at a branch or trading office of Techcombank

Notification Receipt Threshold

No minimum threshold

Change the balance notification threshold from 20,000 to 50,000VND (*)

(*) From September 15, 2021, Techcombank will stop sending SMS with the balance fluctuations of less than VND 50,000 on the payment account of the enterprise. Instead, you can look up all transactions for free through TCB OTP app or F@st EBank

In addition, Techcombank officially implemented the Notification of changing the threshold for sending balance fluctuation SMS.. More details here


Object: Applies to all customers using the query package: transfer package with TCB OTP application Android 1.2.3 and iOS 1.5 or later.

Subscription Instructions: 

  • HInstructions for registering, activating the feature and checking balance movement notification on TCB OTP application: View here File "User manual Balance Movement Notification" và File "Query"
  • ​Download new or update TCB OTP application on mobile device:
  • ​Android: Link
  • iOS: Link 
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