1. Scammer tactics

    1.Scammer calls and impersonates bank staff
    2. Fake SMS brandname/ Email with phishing link 
3. Brand abuse via fake social media accounts 


2. Scam scenario


Offering promotion/ reward programs:

  • Free credit card limit upgrade
  • Interest rate deduction
  • Payment cashback

Alert credit card issue: 

  • Credit card information have been compromised.
  • Card transactions need to be verified


Customer must provide credit card information: card number, CVV code, effective date... to complete receiving rewards/promotions or verify information for troubleshooting


4. Consequences

  • Customers are misappropriated credit card information, personal /confidential information.
  • Loss of money and property from scams

5. How to protect yourself

Remember these key tips to avoid being scammed:

  • Never provide credit card information such as card number, PIN, CVV/OTP code… to anyone, through any contact channel even if person claims to be the bank staff.
  • The Bank will never ask you for confidential details like your card number, PIN or OTP/ CVV code 
  • Regularly check your credit card transaction notification and bank statements


To prevent losses and protect yourself from scam, we advise you to follow the Guidelines for prevention of financial scams


Please contact Techcombank via the following channels for immediate support if you detect any sign of scam:

  • Techcombank's nationwide branches
  • Customer Service Center (hotline 24/7): 1800588822 (domestic) or (+84) 2439446699 (international)
  • Email: call_center@techcombank.com.vn