Dear Valued Customers,

According to our previous notification, Circular 16/2014/SBV of the State Bank of Vietnam prescribes the conditions and purposes of using account services and VND-denominated payment for resident and non-resident foreign customers in Vietnam and Vietnamese nationals who do not reside in Vietnam. Accordingly, you are subjected to:

  • Present documents justifying the sources of money (for incoming transfer) and purposes of using money (for outgoing transfer): When transfer money or use balances on your accounts to make bank transfer to and from Vietnam.

Given the spead of novel covid-19 pandemic and to provide you the support that might need for your VND-denominated payments and transactions, Techcombank will continue to render remittance online  services through May 31st, 2020 instead of March 22nd, 2020 as previously announced. As from May 31st, 2020, your transactions will be served at the counter as regulated by Circular 16/2014/SBV.

Specific guidelines and FAQs on the implementation of Circular 16/2014/SBV  will be updated to you soon.
Should you have any questions, please contact the nearest branch, or  our Hotline : 1800 588 822 for support.

Yours faithfully,