Fees & Forms


Payment account service for institutional customers

These fees can be changed without a prior notice of Techcombank unless there is an agreement between Techcombank and the customer.

For more information, please contact the nearest Techcomank’s branch/transaction office or call: 1800588822/ 84-24 3944 6699 for more specific instructions. You can contact the dedicated Hotline for Business Banking via 1800-6556 (domestic support) & 84-24 7303 6556 (international support).

  • Techcombank's PDF forms are best used on the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download here for free for installation.
  • In addition, the PDF forms can work stably on the following minimum versions:
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader version 10.0 (2010 or later)
    • Foxit reader version 9.7.2 (from 2019 onwards)
  • Some contents on the PDF forms will be automatically changed to match the choices made by the customer when filling out the form.

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