Recently, high-tech scams tend to increase and change with many sophisticated tricks. The most common is brand impersonating (brand abuse) to reach customers through multiple channels: SMS, hotline, social network… and steal personal information. 

To prevent losses and protect yourself from these types of fraud, Techcombank recommends that customers be extremely vigilant against the following tricks:


Scam tricks

 Fake SMS brand name

 Fake TCB hotline 

 Fake TCB’s social network accounts / emails

Common scam scenarios

 Announce customers winning prizes, receiving gifts from preferential programs, or ask customers to access the link to upgrade their bank account, upgrade priority membership

 Warn customer’s account having problem, risk.  

E.g.: Account is logged in otherwhere, account is locked/disabled needs authentication, account has debt to pay/service fee is not registered by customer

Inform customers about withdraw transaction/blocked credit transaction and request customer to provide information  

Scam steps

Request customer to access the link sent via SMS/Zalo/Facebook/email… to register service or verify transactions 

Lead customers to access links to fake websites/apps 

Note: fake website/app links often have the prefix TCB (e.g.; . The interface is designed similar to the official web/app.
Request customers to provide personal information, bank account information (username/ password/ OTP) to appropriate bank account/ steal identity, then steal money or use it for illegal/ fraud purposes 


Techcombank affirms:

  • We absolutely do not send SMS with the link to log in to Techcombank Mobile
  • The SMS with the digital banking login link are all fake


For further information, follow the Guidelines for prevention of financial scams

Please contact Techcombank via the following channels for immediate support if you detect any sign of scam:

  • Techcombank's nationwide branch
  • Customer Service Center (hotline 24/7): 1800588822 (domestic) or (+84) 2439446699 (international)
  • Email: