On the morning of March 8, a small fire occurred at Techcombank’s Lao Cai Branch which was extinguished by the Bank’s staff and Fire Brigade within15 minutes. The fire did not cause any damage and loss to people, documents and cash and vault. Currently the Bank is working with relevant authorities to figure out the cause(s) of the fire.
Restoration was undertaken promptly in 2 premises affected being Techcombank Cau Kieu Transaction Office and Cam Duong Kiosk. By 14:30 of the same day (March 8), these premises started operating normally. System restoration is also underway at Lao Cai branch, which is expected to reopen to serve customers on March 11.
Speaking on the incident, Mr. Phung Quang Hung, Head of Technology and Operations, said: “Thanks to the drills we took in response to emergency events, the incident in Lao Cai has been controlled and operations have rapidly been recovered with minimum service downtime for customers”.