From July 01 to August 31, 2013, Techcombank will apply interest rates from 8.5% / year with the ever-largest scope for all small and medium –sized enterprises nationwide in different fields of business and industries from manufacturing, traditional commodities trading such as agricultural products, agricultural supporting industries, and essential goods, to import and export activities and international trade. Techcombank will provide focused support for enterprises possessing the best business plans and operational stability and meeting the Bank’s conditions as well. This concessional lending program is widely applicable to both Techcombank’s existing and potential customers for facilitating an easier access to capital at preferential interest rates and a reduced loan repayment pressure. In addition, enterprises will be advised with appropriate financial solution packages tailored to their own business for reduced interest costs and optimal benefits from the Bank’s loans.
Representative of Techcombank, Mr. Raja Sridhar Athreya, Head of Business Banking, said: “To create competitive advantages in the market and to be the first seizer of business opportunities, enterprises need stable finance at low interest rates. In understanding such needs, Techcombank has launched a pricing campaign with a desire to offer practical and effective support for enterprises’ efforts in weathering the current economic difficulties.”
From early 2013, Techcombank has been constantly offering premium financial solutions, from shortened turn-around time to value-added products for customers such as  Super-speedy loans  processed within 16 working hours, Super-flexible loans 12+, Comprehensive financial solution packages, Automatically accumulative deposits, and Flexible deposits. The Pricing campaign “8.5% preferential rate - Techcombank supports enterprises” once again affirms the Bank’s constant commitment in supporting enterprises’ development.
With strong financial standing, diverse product range, and professional staff, Techcombank will not merely satisfy enterprises’ capital needs but also provide comprehensive financial solutions in an effort to supporting enterprises in stabilizing business activities, achieving sustainable development, and enhancing their competitiveness in the market.