In order to further enhance the experience on the e-banking platform for business customers, Techcombank is pleased to launch our new feature Transfer 24/7 on F@st EBank. With the desire for businesses to make interbank transfers easily and quickly, besides the available benefits, Transfer 24/7 function continuously improves with the best supporting utilities for  business customers 's transfer transactions with banks:


Outstanding utilities (*)

  • Increase money transfer limit from 300 million VND to nearly 500 million VND
  • Allows browsing of multiple single commands in a single operation (Please see details in the user manual)

(*) Applied from 01/06/2021

Speed, Time and Cost Save

  • Zero free without any conditions
  • Beneficiary receives money immediately even during holidays and outside working hours
  • Customers do not need to come to the branch


Secure and convenient 

  • Automatic display of Beneficiary Name
  • Capturing the exact status of money transfers via the Transaction Status Enquiry
  • Enhance security with two-factor authentication for transaction maker and approver


User guide:

  • For User guide, please see here



  • For FAQ, please see here