In response to the fact that techniques used by fraudsters to steal card information are becoming more and more sophisticated, Techcombank would like to especially remind customers of the risks and how to protect yourself against such risks as follows: 


I. Direct risk of data breach when using cards

1. Skimming devices installed at ATMs/ POS 

2. Card lost or stolen and used illegally by thieves

3. Card information compromised by staff at card acceptance units 

To protect your card



  • Always cover the keyboard with your hand when entering your card PIN at ATM/POS.
  • Keep an eye on your card during the transaction and get it back as quickly as possible
  • Keep your card safely, regularly check balance and card statements to promptly detect unusual transactions
  • Perform transactions at ATMs/POS where strange or unusual devices are detected
  • Lend your card to anyone


II. Indirect risk of data breach when using cards

1. Access or perform transaction at unknown/ fake websites/applications sent via links/QR codes, or other platforms in cyberspace

2. Install programs from unknown sources that compromise your device  to access and steal data 

3. Provide information for scammers impersonating bank staff, financial companies, Law enforcement officer of police, courts, Telco staff, post offices, etc.

To protect your card



  • Only perform transaction at the genuine websites (the address always be preceded by https:// with a lock icon) or apps that are downloaded from official app stores (Apple App Store or Google Play Store)
  • Be aware of requests to provide information from unverified sources. Perform re-verification through official contact channels of state agencies/ organizations.
  • Click on unknown URL links or scan QR codes provided in unsolicited phone call, emails, SMS… before verifying information.
  • Install malware/ spyware or run programs from unknown sources on the internet or sent through SMS/ email/ social networks

The bank never asks for your card details (card number, PIN/CVV code, expired date, OTP) through any channel

When you lose your card or detect signs of card information being stolen, take these actions immediately:

  • Change card PIN/ Lock card via digital banking app Techcombank mobile;
  • Or get in touch with us via official channels: 

In addition, we recommend that you report to the nearest police station or follow the instructions in the "Instructions on denunciation of crimes" section of the Ministry of Public Security's website ( or