(Hanoi) December 16, 2014 – Techcombank and Eurowindow signed a cooperation agreement with commitment of bringing the best preference to customers of Techcombank and Eurowindow. This was the first cooperation program between Techcombank and Eurowindow in financial support to bring added value through preferential policies. Techcombank only applied this program to the one who has demand of mortgage loan, home renovation loan and using Eurowindow‘s products.
More specific, customers who are using Techcombank‘s consumer loans to buy products of Eurowindow will receive preferential interest rate from Techcombank:
  • Credit limit up to 5 billion.
  • Loan tenor up to 240 months.
  • Customers do not need to prove collateral with loans under 300 million.
  • Preferential interest rate: Decrease 0.5% per year for customers using Techcombank‘s loan to buy Eurowindow‘s products.
  • Eurowindow‘s preference: Discount 5 to 8% of selling price depending on different time. Besides, the customers were reduced by 1% when having full payment of the receipt with value of 100 million or more.

Eurowindow‘s range of products consists of windows, doors, balconies, high-quality uPVC partitions, aluminum doors and curtain walls of European quality, room-through doors in boarded wood, solid timber and MDF, doors which combinated by aluminum and wood. Glass products include safety glass, tempered glass, glass boxes and pattemed glass. The cooperation between Eurowindow and Techcombank - one of the biggest Joint Stock Bank in Vietnam with flexible financial solutions and supportive loans will bring practical benefits and meet the diversified needs of customers.
More over, this cooperation agreement also expresses the motto of the bank in strengthening and developing partner relationships with the coherence and paralled success.
For more details, please visit: https://www.techcombank.com.vn or contact our Customer Service - Tel: 1800 588822 (toll free 24/7); email: Call_center@techcombank.com.vn