With the theme “Vietnam on the path of integration and sustainable development”, the 4th International Symposium on Vietnam Studies was held from Nov 26 – 28, 2012 in Hanoi.
Periodically held every 4 years and being large, prestigious scientific forums that gather leading international researchers/scientists on Vietnam studies, the 4th International Symposium on Vietnam Studies attracted nearly 1,000 scholars from 36 countries and territories.
Techcombank’s sponsorship for the Symposium is a practical and meaningful activity for it contributes to promoting the international integration of the social and humanity sciences in particular, and to implementing a crucial part of Vietnam’s international integration strategy in general.
The Symposium focused on discussing all aspects of the integration and sustainable development such as, among other things, economic development, politics, culture, society, environment, international relations and security in the region.
The Symposium provides an opportunity for scholars and researchers on Vietnam Studies in the world to present their research findings and make academic exchanges for further raising scientific awareness by collectively gathering ideas of Vietnam’s integration and sustainable development in the new stage. At the same time, the Symposium is also an opportunity for Vietnam and the world’s researchers in the field of Vietnam Studies to meet and discuss for strengthening the collaboration in research, thereby improving international community’s understanding of Vietnam, which lays the foundation for cooperation and relationships between Vietnam and other countries around the world. Particularly, during the Symposium, scholars of Vietnam and abroad will share their opinions on views and policies for Vietnam’s development and integration in the spirit of “Vietnam is a reliable partner, an active and responsible member of the international community, striving for a world of peace and sustainable development”.
The Symposium’s successes confirm the role and critical significance of social and humanity sciences in the process of implementing socio-economic development strategy of Vietnam.