Owning an overdraft account with monthly income from only VND 4 million
To provide customers with efficient and convenient financial solutions, Techcombank recently launched Techcombank-Mobivi Overdraft Account product. Being an e-account, Techcombank-Mobivi Overdraft Account is considered an “Online Wallet” with an advance limit up to twice a customer’s monthly salary.
This service aims to combine companies’ demand for payroll service and consumer finance program. With this service, payroll customers can spend up to two times the salary they receive via their accounts at Techcombank. With Techcombank-Mobivi overdraft account service, the bank will provide enterprise customers with more special offers as added benefits for their employees. Thereby, enterprise customers can take better care of their employees, help them feel more secure and focus on achieving the highest performance, and improve their loyalty and pride.
With Techcombank-Mobivi overdraft account, customers can:
- Make purchases with installment payment at zero interest rate and fee up to 6 months.
- Withdraw cash at anytime, in anywhere.

To purchase goods, holders of Techcombank-Mobivi overdraft account just visit mobivi website and enjoy the diverse selection of products to meet the needs of their family life and work, such as household appliances, beauty products, entertainment, education, travel, food, air tickets, etc. Over 100,000 competitive products from leading brands and suppliers can be found on this website so that customers can be assured of product quality. Goods purchased are delivered to the door. Apart from making purchases with installment payment at 0% interest rate, customers also have numerous opportunities to get substantial discount by Techcombank in cooperation with Mobivi.

Additionally, Techcombank-Mobivi overdraft account holders can withdraw cash at any time at Techcombank’s 1,300 ATMs across the country, at a fee corresponding to the amount withdrawn, at 0% interest rate. Installment payments and advance repayments will be automatically made by deducting from customers’ monthly salary when they apply for this service.
Eligibility conditions for Techcombank-Mobivi overdraft account are simple:
- Receive salary via Techcombank with minimum income of VND 4 million / month;
- Have a labor contract with minimum term of 1 year
- Have worked for the current employer for at least 6 months.
Please call 1800 588 822 to apply for Techcombank-Mobivi overdraft account - an effective tool to address your financial difficulties and make your own life much better-off.
Special offer for new customers  
From June 5 to Sep 5, 2014, the first 250 customers of the month who register and spend VND 1 million via Techcombank-Mobivi overdraft account will get 200,000 VND cash back.