With continued focus on customers’ services, developing highly competitive products to fulfill the increasing needs of customers, especially  for personal and household segmentations, together with  initiatives to improve efficiencies and cost control management, Techcombank continues to maintain its stable profit growth in  3rd quarter 2014. The accumulated profit before tax stood at VND 1,163 billion, up 55.1% over the same period last year, achieving 98.5% target profit in 2014. In comparison to end 2013, total assets stood at VND 170 thousand billion, up 7.5%; the NPL ratio reduced to 2.96%; customer deposit at VND 121,733 billion, and customer lending at VND 71,489 billion.

With continued focus on customer needs and greater focus on fee generating products and businesses i.e. trade finance, LC, underwriting services etc  the net fee & commission income/total operating income ratio increased to 17% as of Q3/2014 , higher than the same period last year i.e. 12%.,

Apart from enhancing partnerships with existing corporate customers to maximize business opportunities, benefiting its customers, Techcombank always pays attention to customers’ needs, providing innovative products that are highly competitive, simple, flexible, and suitable with personal and household segmentations, helping the bank to increase the outstanding balance in these segments to 11% versus that as at the end of 2013.

During the year, Techcombank took significant steps to de-risk its balance sheet with prudent provisioning policies with robust underwriting criteria, resulting in improved asset quality.The Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) in Sep 2014, was 14.98%, well in excess of the SBV’s regulatory requirement of 9.0%, which will enable the Bank to actively support and lend to individual and corporate customers given our large and stable capital base.

In the coming time, Techcombank will continue to focus on robust and sustainable development through efficiency improvement. The Bank will continue to innovate and roll out outstanding products & services that are designed to maximize convenience, as well as financial benefits for our customers.