On Valentine’s Day, Techcombank financed “Compassion”, a charity concert, at Hanoi Opera, in which famous Vietnamese singers such as Thanh Lam performed. As part of “Thuy’s Dream” program initiated by Tuoi Tre newspaper, all of the proceeds from ticket sales, estimated at VND 500 million, were given to nearly 200 child cancer patients being treated at three big hospitals in Hanoi.
In this event, two paintings of Le Thiet Cuong and Dao Hai Phong, contemporary artists, were auctioned off to raise money. The proceeds were transferred to the child patients.
At the same time, Techcombank’s trade union launched an internal campaign where all 7,500 employees of the bank were to contribute VND 165 million to support the child cancer patients in their fight against the disease. Representatives of the trade union, Tuoi Tre newspaper, and volunteers of “Thuy’s Dream” program visited and gave nearly 500 gifts to child cancer patients in three hospitals in Hanoi and five hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. The proceeds from “Compassion” concert, along with the visits and good wishes from Techcomers warmed the heart and eased the pain of the children, thus giving them hope and helping them continue the fight.
 “As one of leading banks in Vietnam, Techcombank aims to develop sustainably and share its successes with the society. Through the “Compassion” concert, we strived to provide necessary support to child cancer patients and bring them hope in their fight against the disease,” said Mr Simon Morris, the Chief Executive Officer of Techcombank.
“The number of cancer patients on Vietnam has grown over the years. Many have died. It is, therefore, imperative to reduce the growth of cancer cases in Vietnam. Techcombank will cooperate closely with like-minded organizations such as Tuoi Tre newspaper and state authorities to find effective ways to resolve this issue. Cancer can be cured if symptoms are detected early enough by taking regular health checks. This way, thousands of lives can be saved.”
In addition to investments and business development in the past 18 years, Techcombank has always cared about and implemented practical, meaningful social responsibility programs such as “Red Scarf to School” program, under which the bank sets aside VND 1.5 billion as sponsorship for 500 disadvantaged students in six provinces and municipalities, the “Lend Our Hands to Vietnam’s Seniors” program, etc. “Compassion” program will be the first of Techcombank’s corporate social responsibility activities to be conducted in 2012. Only when the society develops robustly and sustainably can organizations like Techcombank thrive.
*Le Thanh Thuy, former student of Duc Tri High school, District 1, Ho chi Minh city, was a young, end-stage bone cancer patient. Her perseverance, optimism, and courage in fighting against pain and destruction brought about by the disease moved numerous people. Thuy became “Ambassador of Faith” and, with the support of Tuoi Tre Newspaper since 2007, had many chances to share her dream and perseverance until her last day. Ever since, “Thuy’s Dream” program has become increasingly popular and Tuoi Tre Newspaper has successfully organized many occasions to raise donations for assisting children of the same circumstances at the Ho Chi Minh City Cancer Center.