On 23/5/2014, in Ho Chi Minh city, as a main sponsor, Techcombank in collaboration with Center for Assistance to Small and Medium sized Enterprises in the South (TAC-HCM) – Enterprise Development Agency – Ministry of Planning and Investment and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) organized the 4th workshop entitled “Introduction of typical models for improvements of production sites” for supporting industry enterprises. Also at this workshop, Techcombank will introduce financial solutions tailored to enterprises active in this industry, effectively contributing to improvement of production capacity and competitiveness of enterprises.

Supporting industry development is one of Vietnam’s priorities and is expected to change the face of the manufacturing sector. However, Vietnam’s supporting industry in practice is small-scale, mainly manufacturing simple components with low added values... Supporting industry enterprises are facing increasing challenges and barriers n the world economic integration: increased competition from foreign components, more dependence on big firms, etc. Substantial improvement is an indispensable requirement for enterprises to exist and improve their competitive capacity. In that context, in addition to quality management and production management support from Japanese specialists and TAC-HCM, a solid financial support is needed to help enterprises refresh.

With the purpose of offering the most suitable and effective financial solutions, Techcombank’s new all-in-one financial package and superfast loans not only timely provide fund (especially working capital loans) but also solutions to supporting industry enterprises for their professional financial management and cash-flow management,  helping save costs, time and human resources. Specifically, the all-in-one financial package will bring pricing and fee benefits to enterprises meanwhile, the superfast loan has short turnaround time for loan application just within 16 working hours, loan to value ratio up to 80% - one of the highest lending ratios in the current market, simple and quick procedures; flexible disbursement and repayment schedule suitable to enterprises’ business plans.

Given the active support from JICA and TAC-HCM specialists, Techcombank’s customized financial solutions will be an effective support to enterprises in improving their production and better satisfying requirements of international market’s integration.