Recently, cyber criminals are shifting target more towards the mobile devices used by customers.

One of the common and effective tricks of these criminals is to lure victims into installing malicious applications, which then allow them to take over the e-banking account or control of the mobile device and finally appropriate the money in the victim's account.

Some signals that customer's device may have been infected with malware



1. Device operate slowly, application response speed takes longer than usual


2. Mobile data (3G/4G/5G) is consumed rapidly


3. Device heats up abnormally and runs out of battery quickly even without many applications running


4. Absence of notifications, especially messages and calls


What criminals are able to perform when victim’s mobile device is infected with malware



1. Gain access to phone calls, contacts, photos, messages, microphone, camera,...


2. Execute interactive actions on the device screen without any physical intervention by the device’s owner


3. Steal data such as account login credentials, query bank account information, remotely perform money transfer transactions


4. Conceal OTP code authentication and money transfer notification messages so that victims will not notice

* dependent on the particular genre of malware


To reduce risk of installing malware, Techcombank would recommend that you valued customer:




- PROACTIVELY update the latest version of the operating system provided by device manufacturer to ensure the device always receives the latest security standard 
- ACTIVELY use anti-virus software on mobile devices to further enhance security and protection against external threats


(Against applications that can be found on App store/CH Play) 
- BE CAUTIOUS before installation: 
a. Learn carefully about the developer's information 
b. Take reference on the number and content of reviews/feedback on App store/CH Play about the application 
- BE CAUTIOUS after installation and at first time opening of application: 
a. Pay atttention to the access rights that the application is requiring user approval 
b. Be especially prudent when application asks for permission to access information/functions unrelated to functionality of the app

- DO NOT use jailbroken/rooted devices 
- DO NOT install any application shared via file/link sent from anyone/3rd party that cannot be found on App store/CH Play

- DO NOT provide confidential information such as OTP code, CVV code, card number, e-banking password, etc. to anyone, via any commnunication channel, including people claiming to be police, bank staffs.


If you suspect that your device has been infected with malware, please:

  • Disconnect the Wifi/Mobile data connection (3G/4G/5G) on the device
  • Immediately contact the following channels to temporarily block the services:
  • Techcombank customer support hotline 24/7: 1800 588 822 (domestic) or 84-24-39446699 (international); or send email to 
  • Or come to the nearest Techcombank premise 
  • Request assistance from a trustworthy mobile device service to reset your device to factory mode.


In case you customer has been a victim of fraud, you are recommended to:

  • Report the incident to the nearest Police Department office
  • OR follow the guidance in the "Instructions for reporting crimes" section on the e-portal of Ministry of Public Security (address