In accordance with the State bank of Vietnam (SBV)’s circular no. TT49/2018/TT-NHNN on term deposit, Techcombank would like to inform our Valued Customers about the policy of Automatic control on term deposit transactions for foreign individuals as follow:  

1. Related Customers: Individual customers are foreigners residing/not residing in Vietnam. 


2. Related Products: 

  • Phat Loc deposit online
  • Flexible principal withdrawal deposit
  • Nhu Y savings
  • Online deposit


3. Related trading channels: 

  • Counter
  • Techcombank Mobile
  • Internet Banking 


4. Deployment time: from 14/05/2023. 


5. Mechanism of application: 

     5.1. For opening a new term deposit: 

  • Foreign customers are eligible to open term deposits: foreign individuals permitted to reside in Vietnam for at least 06 months; 
  • Deposit terms available for foreign customers: no longer than customers’ remaining residence period based on the validity of identity proof documents that customers have registered with Techcombank 
    Non-eligible customers and who open new term deposits with a term longer than remaining permitted residence period will not be able to open new term deposits with Techcombank. 

      5.2. For the extension of deposit period: 

Term Deposit registered with automatic extension of the deposit at maturity date are processed as follows: 

  • Techcombank will automatically settle the deposit in the following cases: 
    • At the contract maturity date, the customer is no longer eligible for term deposit according to SBV's regulations. 
    • At the contract maturity date, the remaining residence period of the customer is less than the deposit term (and less than 31 days).
  • Techcombank will auto-shift customer's deposit to 1-month term in case at contract maturity date, customer is still eligible for term deposit, but customer's remaining period of residence is less than the term of deposit contract (and more than or equal to 31 days).  
  • Except for Nhu Y savings product, the customer's account will be automatically closed. 
    In the other cases, the system still handles automatic rotation according to the customer's initial registration. 
    The above conditions are applied for both new contracts and existing ones. For existing contracts, this Notification is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions that customers signed with TCB at the time of opening the term deposit contract. 

For introduction and support , please contact us via:

  • Visit the nearest Techcombank branch
  • Hotline 24/7: 1800588822 (local) or 84-24-39446699 (international) 
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