2012 was a year of challenges for the global financial industry in general and Vietnam banks in particular, and Techcombank is not immuned from it. Against this downturn, the Bank remains focused on enhancing the quality of investment portfolio and customer satisfaction.

The Bank’s profit before tax in 2012 was VND 1,017 billion, with business performance affected by prudent provisioning in the context of low interest rates and increasingly harsh competition for credit. The audited financial statement is yet to be published in March 2013.
The Bank remains well- capitalized to fuel future growth. Thanks to its extensive distribution network, deposits in 2012 increased by nearly 26% over the previous year, whereas credit growth rate was modest at 7.4% - consequence result of more selectively lending policy. The Bank continued to take drastic steps to well manage costs, improve operational efficiency and improve risk on its balance sheet.
Despite the difficult economic environment, Techcombank continued to maintain good liquidity and high capital adequacy ratio. LDR (lending to deposit ratio) was at 60.3% in December 2012 compared to 70.6% in December 2011. The capital adequacy ratio (CAR) in December 2012 was 12.6%, a much healthier ratio than the SBV’s regulatory 9%.
In 2013, Techcombank will remain focused on stable and sustainable development, enhancing the quality of its products and services, while growth is underpinned by sound governance and risk management systems.