With the online Password Reset and User Unlock functionalities, corporate customers can easily reset their passwords and unlock their users on the electronic banking system – F@st EBank without having to come to the branch or having to contact Call Center. These two new functionalities help customers to:


Save time and money

  • Needless to waste time commuting, waiting for document approval and/or information verification at the counter or via Call Center
  • Completely free of charge upon request

Stay safe, proactive, and convenient

  • Enhance security through multiple layers for users
  • Automate customer information authentication with the shortest possible time to reset customer’s information
  • Actively reset passwords or unlock users anytime, anywhere on the electronic banking sytem – F@st EBank
  • Eliminate 100% of required documents when processing requests

To ensure the safety & security for users when using the two new functionalities, Techcombank recommends that corporate customers correctly declare the user’s personal information during registration.

Please contact your Relationship Manager or the nearest Techcombank branch to review the personal information registered with the bank (ID (9 or 12 numbers)/Passport No.; contact phone number; e-mail). In case the registered information with the bank is incorrect or being shared, please contact the nearest Techcombank branch for assistance regarding updating information before using the new functionalities.

User guide:

Customers can download the user guidelines for online Password Reset and online User Unlock by clicking the links below:

  • Instructions for use of the two functionalities: PDF
  • To be able to use the online Password Reset functionality, please click here: Password Reset
  • To be able to use the online User Unlock functionality: please click here: User Unlock