To proactively avoid these scams, Techcombank would like to warn customer to be wary of the following scam scenarios


Scam scenarios

1. Impersonating SMS brand name/call/ email from State agencies, banks, telecommunications companies, etc. and send phishing link/ QR code leading to fake apps that impersonate brand name of state agencies (such as General Department of Taxation, Ministry of Public Security, etc.) or banks/financial companies/telecommunications companies… 

After installing, the fake apps will ask the user for permission to access the device and can collect authentication code information sent to the device such as OTP code ... as well as hijack the device to access the digital bank account…

2. Fake software/apps containing malicious code are spread through advertising, fake news sent via SMS/email/social networks to users, causing them to lose their vigilance when accessing, leading to have information leaked and account takeover 



Customer approach channel

1. Telecommunication: SMS, hotline, email, etc.

2. Social media: Facebook, Zalo, Viber, etc.

How to protect yourself?

  • Only install mobile apps on the Play Store (Android) or App Store (IOS), do not install unknown apps via links or apk files.
  • To use Techcombank's digital banking services, only access via website at: or Techcombank mobile banking- Techcombank application
  • Regularly update new versions of software and operating systems on the device, in order to promptly fix security loopholes of the old version.
  • Use biometric account authentication methods such as fingerprint, FaceID... to log in to banking applications and other payment applications.
  • Absolutely not access links or scan QR codes received via unknown SMS/ email/ social media accounts without verifying information.
  • Absolutely not install unknown applications on the internet, especially applications that have the right to access data on the installed device.
  • Absolutely not provide confidential information such as OTP code, CVV code, card number, e-banking password, etc. to anyone, through any contact channel, including people claiming to be police, bank staffs... 
  • Do not save security information of banking services on the mobile application.



For further information, follow the Guidelines for prevention of financial scams


Please contact Techcombank via the following channels for immediate support if you detect any sign of scam:

  • Techcombank's nationwide branche
  • Customer Service Center (hotline 24/7): 1800588822 (domestic) or (+84) 2439446699 (international
  • Email: