Possessing optimal financial savings and insurance solutions when participating in the program "Worthy profits for a sustainable future", customers are not only entitled to a refund of the first year premium but also added interest on savings deposits. The rate of return amounted to +8% per year in the first year. This is a rare effective investment opportunity from leisure money if you have a need for comprehensive protection and increased assets.



  • Program implementation period: From March 30, 2022 until the notice of Techcombank to stop the Program or when a new Program replaces the current Program, whichever comes first.
  • Benefits for Customers:
    • Increase the value of risk-free safe assets with flexible choices of products, maturities and savings deposit methods (at the counter or online).
    • Comprehensive protection of health and property has accumulated with diverse insurance coverage for yourself, your family and your business.
    • Proactively select the level of deposits and term of participation (with savings products) and contract value (with insurance products) to improve the profit rate up to +8% in the first year.
    • Receive the same benefit plus deposit interest (up to 0.5%/year) and first-year premium refund (up to 20%) when participating in both savings and insurance products within 30 days.


Program Benefits and Conditions                
"Profit worthwhile for a sustainable future"



Conditions apply

With Economy Products


The additional interest rate applicable to the first deposit period participating in the Program corresponds to the deposit period:

- 03 months and 12 months: 0,3%/year

- 06 months and 18 months: 0,5%/year

- Currency: VND

- Trading channel: At the counter/online;

- Deposit term:  3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months

- Products: Phat Loc Savings, period-end interest payment savings, online deposits, Phat Loc online deposits;

- Minimum deposit balance: 50 million VND/New open deposit.

With Insurance Products

Refund up to 20% of the first year premium

- Applicable products: All types

Insurance products distributed through Techcombank (except AUL, Annhien360, TROP, Fundlife, Credit life)

- Fee period: Year

- Annual premium (ape): 25 million VND (excluding Top-up fee)

Other regulations

  • The validity period of the deposit, the submission period and the issuance period of the insurance contract must be during the implementation period of the Program.
  • The time the Client submits an eligible insurance claim under this Program within 30 days of, or before, the Effective Date of the eligible deposit as a rule and for the duration of the program.
  • The interest rate applied to the deposit after adding interest under the provisions of the Program shall not exceed the maximum interest rate applicable under the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam.

See more details Program rules

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make a bright investment that offers a future-worthy return and sustainable protection!



To join now, you can register at any of the trading points of TechTNMT or send money online via Internet Banking service and the electronic banking application of Techcombank.


For customers who use Techcombank Mobile

Step 1: Log in to the Techcombank Mobile app. Select “Account and Card”  
Step 2: Click on "Open a new account" and select "Term deposit"  
Step 3: Enter the required information  
Step 4: Check the information again and press "Confirm"  
Step 5: Open transaction of saving "Term deposit online" successfully



For customers using F@st Mobile

Step 1: Log in to the F@st Mobile app. At the Home screen, select "Save"  
Step 2: Select "Online Deposit" or "Playing Loc Online Deposit"  
Step 3: Fill in the required information and confirm  
Step 4: Open transaction of saving "Term deposit online" successfully


For more information about the program, please contact:


Branches /Transaction Offices system of Techcombank nationwide (look up the most recent branch here).

Hotline 24/7: 1800 588822 (local) or 84-24-39446699 (international)                          
Email: call_center@techcombank.com.vn