To provide the best payment service for customers on digital banking channels, Techcombank announces the adjustment of payment hours on F@st EBank (FEB) and Techcombank Business (TCBB) during Independence Day (2nd September 2023) holidays as follows:



Transaction type

Cut off time (COT) on FEB and TCBB

31/08/2023 External single transaction - VND 16h30
External batch transfer/salary - VND 15h30
Overseas telegraphic transfer transaction without FX buying 


Valid transactions following the above COT will be processed before the holidays.

Overseas telegraphic transfer transaction without FX buying after 12:00 will be processed after the holidays. 

Overseas telegraphic transfer transaction with FX buying at auto rate or contract rate 
FX selling at auto rate or contract rate  Similar to COT of normal working day
Loan repayment
Online bank guarantee (only on TCBB)
Bao Loc Certificate of Deposit (only on TCBB)
Short-term loan (only on TCBB)
From 01/09/2023 to 04/09/2023 National Day holidays
From 05/09/2023 COT of normal working day


*COT (Cut off time): is the last time Techcombank receives transactions and processes them within the same working day as prescribed by Techcombank from time to time. 

- Single Transaction/Batch Transfer & Salary Payment in VND with value ≥ 200 billion, apply COT: 15h30
- FCY Domestic Transfers follow Techcombank’s current regulations.

For more detailed information and support, please contact:
- Relationship managers
- Corporate Contact Center 1800 6556 or 84-24-7303 6556 Or visit the closest Techcombank branches or transaction offices.