From May 2013, Techcombank customers can transfer and receive fund easily with money transfer to mobile subscriber service – cash withdrawal without ATM card.

A Techcombank customer who uses F@st i-Bank only needs to log on to Internet Banking and selects the function of money transfer to mobile subscribers.

Then, the customer enters the phone number for receiving money and amount to be transferred. Techcombank’s system will provide the customer with a money transfer code.

At any ATM of Techcombank, after the customer enters the correct money transfer code and amount, Techcombank call center will send a one-time password (OTP) to the phone number for receiving money.

After entering the correct OTP, the customer will receive money without any ATM card or paper.

This service will be of great help when the customer forgets his wallet, his ATM card, or the customer needs to transfer money urgently to his/her relatives or friends.

Using Techcombank’s F@st i-bank, the most convenient internet banking service to date, customers will benefit from many special features and offers to meet various individual financial needs.