Program Information
  • Time: From now until 31/08/2022
  • Applicable objects: Customers who make payments with Techcombank Visa Corporate Debit Card. 
Offer details
  • Expenditure field: Apply to expenditures for the purpose of using advertising services, purchasing software and paying business and reception expenses such as paying for air tickets, accommodation, and food bills at restaurants... according to the list of spending field regulated by Techcombank from time to time. (*)
  • Refund rate: 1% of the total spend of each Payout. (**)
  • Maximum refund value: 2 million VND/time/Payment account connected to Corporate Customer Debit Card.

(**) The total amount of spending recorded on Techcombank system in each Payment is determined from the 1st to the end of the last day of each month, regardless of the Customer's statement period. 

  Conditions for receiving the offer

Corporate customers who register for the BusinessOne solution package at Techcombank have spending in the categories of Advertising & Software and Business & Reception as regulated by Techcombank.