Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank) has launched, for the first time, package solutions to promote enterprise customers’ business. The package integrates a number of modern and convenient financial products and services, with extra special offers when customers use more than one product. The short turn-around time thanks to simplified and transparent procedures to timely meet customers’ capital needs and to maximize supports to enterprises really helps them overcome the current economic difficulties.
2013 continues to be a challenging year for the economy in general and enterprises in particular. Thus, beside the need for capital, enterprises need diverse, convenient, flexible and efficient financial instruments which help them build extra and superior competitive advantage. In addition, the second quarter has been always an important time of the year in every enterprise’s business cycle to promote their activities for achieving the year’s performance target. Understanding such demands, Techcombank has launched “The business promotion solution package” which includes modern financial products and services that offer optimal support for enterprises’ business activities. This encompasses a wide range of services and products from loan services (super-speed loans, flexible loans 12+), Deposits (Smart deposits, flexible deposits) to other account transactions.
The above product package helps enterprises use banking products and services for their emerging loan demands in a more convenient manner with simplified and transparent procedures and quick turn-around time. With one single registration, customers can avail themselves to a diverse and full package of financial services ranging from deposits, loans to other transactions with numerous benefits. Additionally, once the demands for loans occur, enterprises can choose Super-speed Loan in 16 hours for small loans or working capital loans for guaranteeing their business all-year round with the Super Flexible Loan Product 12+.
Another highlight of the Financial Solution Package is the incremental special offers gained for more products used: reduced interest rate, i.e. customers will enjoy an immediate 0.5% interest rate reduction for the first 3 months for loans with up to 12 months; preferential interest rates on deposits and flexible principal withdrawals with Flexible Deposit Product; automatic accumulation plus bonus interests for smart deposits, among others. Moreover, enterprises can get fees waiver or reduction for a number of other transaction and service types.
With such great benefits, this financial service package will effectively respond to customers’ capital and financial service needs, and promisingly bring in practical support for business activities of enterprises during the current economic downturn.
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